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Our Expertise



Running for office is a daunting undertaking made even more difficult for people who are outside the mainstream of the two major parties. We work with candidates who want to fix our broken system and change our politics. But our clients often discover that they need trusted advisors to help with communications, fundraising, and other strategic considerations. We specialize in all three, and have access to vendor networks outside the party systems that can help with campaign management, staffing, compliance, etc.

Never Trump Republicans

We support third parties and oppose the two-party duopoly. But as citizens and patriots, we want the two major parties to be as healthy and decent as possible. To that end, we support honorable Republicans’ efforts to reclaim their party. We help GOP candidates and organizations tout their commitments to the Constitution and the rule of law. We have vital relationships with #NeverTrump insiders, operatives, and faith leaders. We think seriously about what conservatism is worth conserving. If you want to make the party of Lincoln great again, then we want to stand with you.

Digital Strategy

We have grown up alongside the profound ways technology has changed politics. The internet offers almost limitless opportunities to reach voters, engage activists, and raise funds. But, if done poorly, internet outreach can be a colossal waste of time and money. We can take care of the back-end digital framework so that we are reaching new supporters, growing healthy email lists, and raising money while you focus on your core mission. We have vendor relationships with NationBuilder and Anedot. Our team stands ready to help you win online — so that you can win when it matters.


We only work with people who want to win, and you cannot win without money. We can guide existing PACs, of course, But we can also make sure the PACs you need are properly established, funded, and managed for optimal impact. PACs are essential partners not only for individual federal candidates, but also for initiatives that depend on strategic disbursements to achieve your objectives. Current campaign finance law offers opportunities that political outsiders and reformers have not leveraged. We maximize PAC impact.

Pro-Life Democrats

The Democrats’ abortion plank has two serious problems: First, it is morally indefensible. And second, it is a political liability costing the party valuable support, enthusiasm, and votes. “Safe, legal, and rare” has become “On demand, without limits, and often at public expense.” We work with principled and courageous Democrats that want to change the narrative on our toxic, polarized debate over abortion rights. If you dare to believe that protecting unborn children is a progressive value, then we will work to make your campaign or advocacy a success.

Connecting faith and politics

So many groups, coalitions, and initiatives for justice, peace, or reform are rooted in religious faith. We honor the divine source of your advocacy, and seek to give you the counsel, relationships, and organization you need to maximize the effectiveness of your witness. Widely recognized throughout his 15 years of experience helping religious groups and individuals faithfully express their values in the public square, Jacob Lupfer has become one of the leading thinkers, writers, and strategists at the intersection of religion and politics.

Independents and Third Parties

While we do work with select Republicans and Democrats, our firm began inside the Independent movement. You may not have a R or a D beside your name, but you still need seasoned political hands that share your passion for reform and can stretch the realm of what is possible. Our entire mission is political disruption. Count on us to expand your reach, identify opportunities, and outperform expectations. Independents and third parties can prevail under the right circumstances. We stand with you to make it happen.

Outsider Presidential Campaigns

The presidential nomination process is suffering from extremism, conformity, and lack of imagination. All the incentives are to run to the extremes on a platform that bisects the common good. Our firm serves candidates and campaigns that give voice to actual voters, not simply party bosses and donors. We research, message, and innovate in order to bring your campaign more supporters, more media attention, and more donations. Our expertise fits candidates that want to give voters a real choice and shock the political world, all while remaining true to themselves.

Freedom of religion or belief

Though we do other policy and public affairs work, religious freedom is our signature advocacy issue. So often misused and misunderstood, this principle is our abiding belief and our call to action: To the greatest degree possible, the state should never compel religious believers against their consciences. Our greatest honor is to provide research, strategist counsel, and direct advocacy on the United States’ work in promoting religious freedom abroad and the legally complex and politically fraught debates over religious liberty here at home.