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Relay Reform

Jacob Lupfer is an experienced strategist advising candidates, political organizations, firms, and civil-society groups. His work includes campaigns, fundraising, organizing, coalition building, public affairs, and research.

As an advocate for political reform, Lupfer works with candidates, parties, and PACs that are not served by typical Red Team or Blue Team operatives. He also collaborates with reformers outside the political fray, including businesses and nonprofits. An expert on the role of religion in politics and public policy, Lupfer frequently speaks to and consults with faith leaders and groups that pursue moral reform for a more just and righteous society.

Through years of study, writing, and working relationships with partisans, Lupfer developed a heightened sensitivity to the ways reflexive partisanship dulls consciences and erodes values. Many people within the two parties — and certainly everyone outside them — will concede that the system is broken. But opting out of the two-party duopoly and its vast patronage networks is risky and scary. It is also liberating! For people and groups that want to make politics better, Jacob Lupfer is a proven leader with the ideas, strategies, and relationships to help you achieve maximum impact for good in the public square, even as you hold fast to your values and integrity.

Relay Relationships

The Relay Group is more than one consultant’s business. It is also a conduit for Lupfer’s collaborators to bring their expertise to various projects. A consummate “people person” and social animal, Jacob Lupfer has access to an extensive network of independent contractors and vendors that are at the top of their fields. In some cases, these associates will be vital to your organizations and projects. In all cases, they are trusted and honored colleagues who rightly share in the firm’s success.

One of The Relay Group’s greatest assets is Lupfer’s diverse network of fellow-workers for the common good. These friends and professionals span the ideological spectrum and include some of America’s most principled and insightful government officials, political operatives, journalists, academics, and religious leaders. Whatever your project, you will have the best team.

Relay Reputation

Before Jacob Lupfer began his work with political organizations and nonprofits, he won acclaim as an opinion journalist who covered the most contested subjects in religion and politics with accuracy, balance, and insight. Lupfer has zealously guarded that reputation, upholding it with his growing portfolio of consulting clients. When you work with The Relay Group, you are tapping into relationships of trust, goodwill, and mutuality that have been laboriously and diligently cultivated over many years. We believe that our good name means everything.

Relay, Maryland 21227

The Relay Group is named for the old railroad town of Relay, Maryland, near Lupfer’s home in unincorporated southwest Baltimore County. The firm’s name evokes a runner passing a baton to a teammate who will secure the victory. That’s what The Relay Group does. We run just as hard as you do. We train with you. We exert all our strength and energy so that you finish strong. We are your teammates and vital partners in endeavors we complete together.


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About Our Founder

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Chief Strategist

Jacob Lupfer

Fed up with the two-party duopoly and its deleterious effects on representation, accountability, fairness, and equity, Lupfer founded The Relay Group to change our broken system through aggressive, strategic political disruption. In addition to working with Democrats and Republicans that want to change their parties, Lupfer advises Independent and third-party candidates, PACs, and organizations. He often partners with electoral reform advocates, good-government groups, and coalitions advancing common-good-oriented political disruption.



Master of Theological Studies

Master of Arts in Government

Activities & Memberships

• National Press Club, Member
• Religion News Association, Member; Past Fellow
• American Association of Political Consultants, Member

Past Affiliations

• Berkley Center for Religion, Peace &
World Affairs, Research Associate
• Georgetown University, Graduate Fellow
• American Political Science Association, Member
• American Academy of Religion, Member